Robert Trout, MA

Founder and Trainer

Robert’s hope is to serve individuals and families that are struggling and to teach the skills he has gathered over a long career to anyone who is ready to learn. He believes that the family system is the key to long term success to support the whole family during crisis and mental health challenges. 

With a Masters in Counseling and extensive experience in treatment programs over his career Robert has one of the most extensive backgrounds in training staff and now parents to better understand and work with their kids.

With over 20 years of experience in group facilitation, rites of passage, experiential therapy and treatment practices, Robert uses his depth of knowledge in these areas create trainings that challenge parents to see beyond their own limitations of belief and to foster new ideas in their lives and within their families and communities. He utilizes his study of metaphor, experiential practices, life skills and therapeutic programing to influence and work with people’s belief systems to create a supportive environment so they can choose to grow and change.