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Empowering Parents. Cultivating Connection.

Our core philosophy is that to get results, parents must be trained.
After a decade of serving families nationwide, we decided to put our parent-intensive trainings into comprehensive video trainings that equip parents and caregivers with the skills they need to support their loved ones before, during and after a mental health crisis.  With these trainings, alongside a supportive community and trainers, you will finally have the tools, skills and support to create the change you’re looking for.
No more guessing.  No more reading another book only to find yourself frustrated in the moment, again.
We are going to train you in an action-oriented way to apply a process with your family.

Over a decade of serving families... 

The Parent Trainer courses can now be accessed from the comfort of your own home! 

What does life look like a year from now if you don't enroll in the Parent Trainer courses, with over a decade of proven support for families, accessible from your own home?

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With over 40 years of experience combined in serving families...

 The Parent Trainer courses and coaching
can now be accessed from the comfort of your own home!

 The Trainers

Our Trainers have flown worldwide to meet families where they live to provide in-home training to save parents the guess work. After a decade of serving families and seeing the challenges associated with access, Parent Trainers has broken down their years of expertise into skill-based training courses to empower parents and cultivate connection. Join our community!

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When a family identifies patterns of behavior that leads to crisis or major disruption it usually means that they are witnessing a behavioral pattern taking hold within social and family dynamics or they are witnessing a mental health issue starting to take hold in their child/young adult.


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The Goal

The goal is to help stabilize families and/or to help families realize what “level” of crisis they might truly be in and to point them towards the professional treatment consultants, interventions, programs and resources they may not have know existed. We equip parents with the skills they need to take out the guesswork and to save them money and time paying other professionals to "fix" the problem. 

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