Transform Your Relationship with Your Tween, Teen or Young Adult

In the journey of parenting, every family faces its unique set of challenges, especially when navigating the complexities of raising behaviorally challenged tweens, teens or young Adults. We strive to create trainings to teach the skills your going to need to navigate life through your process. 

Introducing Our Digital Training Courses

A Blueprint for Positive Parenting

Level 1: Fundamentals Digital Training


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  • Dives into the core principles of positive parenting.
  • For busy parents needing foundational strategies.
  • Transform your family dynamics.
    Understand your child's behavior better.
    Learn techniques for cooperation and mutual respect.
    Encourage your child’s personal development.


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Level 2: Progressive Series


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  • Provides a comprehensive approach to advanced parenting challenges.
  • For Parents seeking in-depth knowledge and strategies.
  • Access an extensive range of strategies for complex issues.
    Promote your child’s academic success and personal growth.
    Guide your child toward becoming a functional adult.
Elevate Your Parenting Game
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Why Parent Trainers?

  • Expert-Designed Curriculum
    Our courses are crafted by leading parenting experts, ensuring you receive the most effective and up-to-date strategies.
  • Flexible Learning
    Access our digital training anytime, anywhere, fitting seamlessly into your lifestyle.
  • Proven Results
    Join hundreds of families who have seen transformative results, fostering stronger relationships and happier homes.
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Hi there! I'm Robert.


With over 20 years in experiential therapy, counseling and Parent Coaching, I've focused my career on enhancing family connections and growth. Through our Digital Training Programs, I bring practical strategies and insights from my vast experience, including work with treatment program development and family intervention. These courses are designed to bridge the gap between parents and tweens, teens and Young Adults fostering stronger, more resilient family relationships and hope to be able to work together. My aim is to help families navigate their challenges together, creating a future of open communication and deep understanding. Join me, and let's transform your family dynamics together.


More About Me

You Are Not Alone

We understand the yearning for a harmonious home where communication flows freely and conflicts are resolved with understanding and compassion. Its all about having a plan and the skill to execute that plan. We have had the privilege of guiding hundreds of families to achieve just that—transforming their relationships and fostering an environment where the family can function and accept the struggles they are in while working towards a better way of existing together. 


Here's what some of our parents have to say:

I needed the rulebook. Just being honest. I thought I needed my son to change and get his life together as a young adult. Turns out I needed to understand why he was falling apart and step in not to fight
or force but to teach and show him that he wasn't alone. It's hard to admit that sometimes but I was the one that needed the help. Thanks 
for the training and Direction - It made all the difference"

GC- San Francisco

Paul was absolutely wonderful working with us and our kids from late teens through early 20s! He had great insights into what was going on with our kids’ struggles, and he gave truly helpful ideas and tips on how to address those issues! Paul’s help, along with our own therapy, has significantly improved relationships with our young adults!

TS - California


As a dad, I've always struggled with the emotional part of connecting with my kids. All I wanted was a playbook for how to interact and handle the situations that came up with my kids. Turns out I just needed to be guided by a trainer to learn the skills and then write my own playbook of what worked for me with all my "stuff" taken into account. This work changed everything for me and my kids.

AE - Texas

Three Steps Closer to a Stronger Family Connection

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Pick Your Course

Start your journey to a better family life by choosing the right course for you. Whether it's learning the basics with our Fundamentals Digital Training or going deeper with our Bundle, every program is crafted to fit your schedule and help you connect better with your teen.

2. Learn On Your Schedule

Progress through your selected course at your own pace, fitting learning into your life rather than rearranging your life around learning. Our digital training is accessible anytime, anywhere, allowing you to absorb and apply new strategies in a way that's most effective for you and your family.

3. See Transformative Results

Observe as the principles you’ve learned start making a real difference in your family dynamics. With each lesson applied, you’ll notice improvements in communication, understanding, and mutual respect between you and your teen, moving you all towards a more harmonious and supportive family life.

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Additional Offerings: Tailoring Your Experience

While our digital training programs provide comprehensive guidance, we understand the value of personalized solutions:

Custom Built Support Experience

$6,000 +

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For families seeking customized support we offer options of Experiences such as in-person training and live digital follow-ups as well as options for wrap around support and in person staff support. Contact us today to look at all the support options we can build for you. 


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Your journey to a plan and the skill to support your child starts here:

Embrace the chance to make a lasting impact on your family's future with our expertly designed digital training programs.

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