Paul M. Arredondo, MSW, CPC

Paul brings a wealth of experience to each family having worked in therapeutic treatment settings for over eleven years. As a Professional Life Coach in private practice, Family Wellness Counselor and Master Wilderness Field Guide in Wilderness Therapy, a Counselor with a Home Transitions program, Mentor and Clinical Staff in Aftercare Settings; Paul continues to work passionately to support individuals and families on their path of healing and personal growth.


Having worked extensively in various treatment settings, Paul offers as a trainer the teachings and skills that he has gathered throughout his career. He supports families in finding the balance within relationships, responsibilities, and a settled home environment through collaboration with clients. This includes developing individualized plans and supporting structure that honors each family member.

Paul brings a unique perspective to this work having gone through his own journey of growth and self-discovery. Having had the experience of placing a family member in wilderness therapy and then integrating her into his home to provide post treatment stabilization and structure, Paul understands and can also relate to the family perspective in his work.