May 16, 2023

A Therapeutic Consultant is a trained professional who helps families find appropriate treatment for whatever issues their adolescent or young adult are dealing with. This could be complex mental health, substance abuse, academic recovery, or young adult transitional support. This is the professional you hire so that you don’t have to do all the research in finding the best-fitting program. We are the cheapest part of the process in paying for treatment, and yet the most valuable.

Unlike Google, we aren’t paid by programs to refer families to them. What Google will produce is programs that have outrageous marketing budgets and sometimes unethical approaches in their ability to enroll clients.  Finding the most appropriate program for the needs of your child is a full-time job in itself. We know, because that’s what we do full-time for work. In addition to all the research and recommendations, we also travel to all these programs. We also provide case management and additional supports and resources depending on what the family needs. You want find that from Google.

This is a lot to take in.  Google can’t be to blame either because at the end of the day, they are a business too.  They are working hard with their algorithms to mitigate unethical marketing practices, yet when it comes to finding the best care for your young adult’s mental health Google is not a good resource.  You want a good resource?  Hire a Therapeutic Consultant. These are people making unbiased recommendations for families.  Know that you can find an appropriate program to help your child, and you don’t have to be in this crisis
alone.  There is an army of ethical behavioral healthcare humans out there and they are ready to step in when you call them.

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