May 16, 2023

The Experiential Healing Institute (EHI) consistently hears parents express curiosity about how programs have created success for their child. Having many years of previous experience in both wilderness therapy and residential treatment settings, EHI Trainers recognize that the primary reason programs work is because the therapists and staff have been trained to understand the participants. Staff education or training often includes general understandings of diagnoses, co-occurring disorders, and common presentations of program participants. Staff are further trained to understand how to meet each person in their individual process, symptomology and presentation.

By training parents through the lens of a functioning program, EHI focuses on providing skills and tools to help parents support their adolescent or young adult child. EHI trainers offer skill development to parents and families such as de-escalation, redirection, and common therapeutic approaches such as motivational interviewing and strength-based coaching. Additionally, EHI works with parents to include education on the common interventions that are used in therapeutic settings like wilderness therapy and residential aftercare.

EHI has found that the secret to success is for the student and the family to integrate these skills and tools pre-program, during a treatment program, and post-program. The training that EHI offers is much like the mentorship and guidance like the senior staff and seasoned therapists offer to new guides and employees in therapeutic programs. It is important for these skills to be practiced under the guidance of someone who’s already been practicing and can provide a reflection on the efficacy of integration with skill building development.

About The Experiential Healing Institute

The Experiential Healing Institute offers Parent Training and Whole Family Support before, during and after treatment experiences through action oriented guidance, training, support and experiential growth for individuals and families. The Experiential Healing Institute brings wilderness therapy skills home and trains families for continued success.

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