May 16, 2023

I almost titled this post “Turn the Radio Up” but with all the changes in how we listen to our favorite songs I thought the title could get a bit complex with all the streaming channels, internet data bases, you tube music channels, yikes! Let’s just talk about music shall we!

I grew up with music in the house and at times saw my dad kick back in his recliner and put his headphones on and tune us pesky kids out for a while as he simply listened to music. It was a joy when he would let me sit on his lap and put the stereo headphones on and listen to the music of his choice. Guess what, it wasn’t kidz bop or sing along tunes, it was good old fashioned classic rock. But as I have aged I realize it wasn’t about who I was listening to, because I chose my own musical interest as I grew up, it was about connecting over music.

As creatures on this earth we search for ways to connect to things that are bigger than ourselves. Music offers us an ability to bathe in the lyrics, the bass, the rhythm, the instruments, or technology that is used to produce what we are seeking out. Take concerts for example, the
corner of a bar, a small venue, a stadium, huge outdoor amphitheaters; they all set the stage for an experience. A community of folks from across the demographic at times all unified by their love of the music that is in front of them.

Are there ways that your family uses music in the house for fun, connection, celebration? I’d love to hear about them and work to help make the experience even richer. Maybe you are curious about how to bring music into your house in a more lively way, and I would love to
discuss this with you. We are looking to be both fun and intentional as parents and music can be one of those ways to reach out to your kids without being as direct as saying “hey, let’s connect right now (ha ha). There may be some childhood or teenage4d angst that gets in their way, but with the right approach music can be incredibly grounding and offer a chance to get to be curious about a perspective that we may not understand, what are you waiting for. Let’s do it, turn up that music!

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