Monica Robbins, MSW, Integrative Health Coach

Parent Trainer & Coach

Monica began her career in mental health as a  Master Wilderness Therapy Field Guide in Utah and Colorado. Monica spent 7 years in the field working with teenagers guiding them through the therapeutic process of self-discovery and learning new skills to manage mental health issues and family stressors. She then spent an additional 2years working in residential programs for adults with PTSD.

Monica graduated from New Mexico Highland University with a MSW in Clinical Concentration, and received her Integrative Health Coaching certification from Duke University.

Monica’s passion is bringing her life experience, Wilderness Therapy skills, clinical knowledge, and mindfulness together to support people connecting to their wholeness, self-compassion, and authenticity. She coaches with this gift by supporting parents in finding new ways to engage in parenting in a compassionate and authentic way while being honest about areas of growth.

Monica has been practicing mindfulness for 15 years and is currently receiving training on teaching mindfulness to others. Experience has shown  her that as people become more self-aware of their own states of mind and being, the more capable they are for showing up and being centered when  holding space for loved ones who are struggling with anxiety, depression, autism, substance abuse, and life stressors.