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Best Tips and Tricks
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Unlock the secrets to fostering stronger connections between parents and teens, even in the face of behavioral obstacles.

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Quick and Effective Strategies

Access Robert's proven techniques to quickly diffuse tension with your teen, fostering a more harmonious family dynamic.


Embrace Understanding

Discover how to create space in conflicts with your teen, leading to healthier communication and mutual understanding.


Shift Language, Connect Better

Learn simple language shifts that promote meaningful conversations and deeper connections with your teen.


Set Boundaries, Practice Self-Care

Implement strategies to teach boundaries, structure, and self-care to your teen, nurturing their emotional well-being.

Robert Trout


Hi, I'm Robert - a seasoned parent trainer dedicated to helping families navigate the challenges of parenting teenagers.

The Best Tips and Tricks to Diffuse Tension with a Teen has been instrumental in empowering parents to build stronger relationships with their teens, fostering understanding and harmony within the family.

Without it, you might find yourself struggling to communicate effectively with your teen, leading to heightened tensions and misunderstandings.

With it, you'll gain practical strategies to navigate conflicts, promote healthy communication, and foster a more positive relationship with your teen.

Let's create a more harmonious family dynamic together!

What Others Are Saying...


‚ÄúEvery now and then you meet someone in your life who is so good at what they do they inspire you to want to be a better person. This is how I feel about Robert Trout, a parent trainer and therapeutic professional with exceptional skill sets and a compassionate heart. Robert worked with my wife and I on the ‚Äėparenting side‚Äô of the family

-- JN - Maryland

"As a dad I know that I have always struggled with the emotional part of connecting with my kids. All I wanted was a playbook for how to interact and handle the situations that came up with my kids. Turns out I just needed to be guided by a trainer to learn the skills and then write my own playbook of what worked for me with all my "stuff" taken into account. This work changed everything for me and my kids."

-- AE - Texas

"Turns out the answer wasn't about my kid changing! It was me changing to make room for my daughter to change with me. I did my work and then things could be different- Eternal thanks to my Trainer for the skills and coaching!"

-- MP - Chicago

"I am your biggest Fan! So much help and direction in supporting my daughters recovery and our families restructuring to find a way of "Being" together in our new roles and way of connecting. The hardest work but the most rewarding along the way."

-- SG - Denver

"I needed the rulebook. Just being honest. I thought I needed my son to change and get his life together as a young adult. Turns out I needed to understand why he was falling apart and step in not to fight or force but to teach and show him that he wasn't alone. It's hard to admit that sometimes but I was the one that needed the help. Thanks for the training and Direction- It made all the difference"

-- GC - San Francisco

"I didn't want therapy-  Thats all I really knew. Turns out what I
needed was some training on how to work with my son. I didn't even know that was an option until finding these trainers. I like the proactive approach and the problem solving strategies are most 

-- BW - Colorado

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